Friday, December 2, 2011

Your Love Is All I Need

You make me happy
you make me sad
you make me angry
you make me mad
you mde me feel again
you make me breathe
you started my whole world again
like it was your own book to read.

You stole my heart
you have my soul
you stood in front of me
like it was your turn to bowl.
My life had started when you came in
you knew how to unlock me
like you knew my pin
and now your love is all I need
to keep me alive happy and free.

The Love Of My Life

I always dreamed of the day I'd meet the one.
The day that my Romeo would sweep my away.
But I never thought it would actually be.
It was just a dream.
A fantasy so far off that would never come true.
I prayed that you would come.
That God would send the only one that I'd ever need.
The only one that would ever make me feel special.
So I waited.
I waited with hope.
Hope that I'd be given the gift to love and to be loved.
And then that day in sweet November.
Oh, that day I'll never forget.
It was when all my hopes, dreams, and prayers came true.
The day when you left your guys to be with me.
Why me? I had to ask myself.
Then I realized you were the one.
The one who would encourage me, charish me, and love me till the end.
You just can't imagine the way you make me feel.
It's a feeling I just can't explain.
The feeling I get whenever I look at you,
Hear your name, or feel the slightest touch of your hand.
I love the way you look at me, and the way you make me smile.
I especially love the way you place your hands around my waist and softly tickle until I get chills.
I just wonder if your hands could feel the butterflies I get while they were there.
And I can't forget your gentle kiss.
Your lips softly kissing my back.
I wanted that moment to last forever.
And your brown eyes.
Looking in them I get lost in my thoughts.
It all seems so perfect.
I can't wait until we finally belong to each other.
The day we both say "I do".
And the gift that we will exchange.
The gift we've saved our whole lives to give that special one.
So forever you will be my one and only.
The one and only love of my life.

My Forever Love

It wasn't til that day I met you
that I'd fall in love with someone
so special as you
when I first saw you, 
I knew you were the one
When I look at you,
I just want to melt
When you hold me
I never want you to let go
I want to be in your arms forever
I dream that someday we will be one
I will always love you
Tell me you love me
I know you do
I know I love you!
I love for you is FOREVER!
My Forever Love

In My Heart

In my heart,
I hold your love close,
It's your love that I need the most.
I sit here as I watch the sunrise
In the morning dew,
I see the tip of it looking like a flame,
As I'm feeling this burning love for you.
I sit here alone with all my thoughts of you,
Watching the sunlght begin to fill the room.
Thinking of our future,
And all the things that we will do,
You holding me in your arms,
Your heart beating against mine,
As we get lost in time.
As I dream of that distant place,
Where you will always be mine.
In my heart you will always be,
The one, the only one for me!
I don't look forward going through the day,
Knowing you're not here with me.
Thinking of the endless hours,
And the days dragging by.
Why does it have to be this way?
I have a wish for you and me,
And I hope that the good Lord grants it,
For you see,
I wish that you would bring your love to me.
In my heart,
You will never leave,
So I don't have to grieve,
In my heart, 
You're my only one,
And I want you with me always,
Till all our days are done.

I Love You All My Life

I love you all my life, 
Now and forever
I will always love you, and whatever
trials, I will come closer
I will always be faithful and true to you
You have given me hope, made me 
stronger in times when I am blue

The hope which I thought was
really hard to find
Just came along the way, just
at the right time
The time in which no more tears
left to cry
Your hugs of comfort ease my pain,
now, there's no need to cry

I am amazed of how you filled my
heart with so much love
You treat me like a princess, so glad
how you raise me up above
You have been pouring out so much
love from your heart my dear
And all my life I will serve and love you
And for you, all trials I'll bear.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dead without you

Would it make sense if I beg you to stay?
Would it change a thing?
You clearly don't think I am good enough
You clearly don't want to do anything for me
So why should I try?
Why should I fight?
Cause my love is bigger?
But what about YOUR love?
You said “forever”
You said “I'll never leave you”
And I believed you
I was so stupid and naive that I believed you
And now I'm here, lying on my bed,
moping and screaming and shouting and crying
begging you not to leave me
Begging and pleading,
knowing it's for nothing
Cause you said such horrible things
I'll never be able to forget again
That it has never been worthy
That it has never been good
When some hours ago you were telling me
that I am amazing and beautiful
Now you say that it'll never work out
that it never has
and it's the first time you admit it
After so many months... 10 months..
isn't it enough?
I've been fighting and crying and begging and pleading
and you never did anything like this
And now you say that it'll never work out?
Ironic,isn't it?
The one who should beg is cold as ice
The one who should end it is moping around
Forgetting my pride and crawling behind
When I should be the one who say you're not good enough
You see how not fair it is
But you don't do anything to make it right
You know how it hurts
And you still don't care
You never showed me 
if you really loved me
You never fought for me
And now...
You don't want me
So I'll have to survive it
I'll have to stand up
after that you kicked me
down again
after you broke me
and never hold me
and won't ever help me
be myself again
All the dreams and hopes
All the planned future
goes to hell with your words
that it's not going to work
You won't even try 
to make it a better thing
You won't even change yourself
for me
And now I'm supposed
to believe that you love me?
That you loved me once before?
Before you ended it?
Forgive me if I don't
If I'm not that naive
Forgive me if I don't forget
those words that you said
Forgive me if I don't feel like
living this life all over again
Forgive if I don't want to
trust someone again
Cause after you did me
I don't want to fall again
You made me fall,you dumped me
and kicked me, smashed my heart to pieces
and ripped me apart
So forgive me if I can't forget all that you did
All that you said
Cause I'm not a strong person 
I am so weak
You know all my deepest secrets
and my weakest points
You know me better
than I know myself
And I gave you all
I gave you everything
And your answer to all this
you dump me and break me
I gave you more than I could
I gave you more than you can imagine
I gave you everything
Everything that I had
My heart, my body, my soul
All my dreams and future
And you show me your gratitude
by throwing me away
So now I've got nothing else
No family,no friends,
no one I can trust
No one.
Not even you.

Dying On The Inside

My heart is beating
My heart is pleading
To be saved
Its going bad
It's going mad
It need help now
Before it sops making a sound
It's yelling and yelling
It's swelling and swelling
But when it screams 
No one ever hears
They are just standing there
They just stare
It's breaking and breaking
Every things shaking
I then feel a pain
Something that feels like a chain
Suffocating me
It rips through my soul
It's making holes
Then it gets to my heart
And starts tearing it apart
Then it crumbles
And tumbles 
Down a dark hole
I then lose myself
And am forced to live in the shadow
Of someone else



My love for you has died out. 
The pain it causes for me puts a hole through my chest,
as if there was nothing there to begin with. 
When you cut me open, 
I never thought I would bleed. 
Just take me, 
and shut me out. 
Just don't break me, 
because I am broken enough.

You once said you loved me,
But that all soon changed.
Once you knew I was different,
You disowned me. 
Destroyed me.
Hated me.

Now I cry tears of crimson
that stain my carpet of sadness and pain.
I'm not that strong willed.
I can't smile while hurt.
All of you that I have now,
Is the imprint of your hatred
Upon my heart.

Forever incomplete

When we swore to never be apart
I never knew that it was just me
You are still in my heart and soul
You have my whole heart
I'll forever be just a half waiting to be whole
My love in vain
You don't even understand this pain
Without you it's like
The day without sun
Rain without clouds
A kid without parents
A pool without water
A rainbow without color
Thunder without lightning
A laugh without a smile
Family with no love
Night without the moon or stars
You are still whole and happy
I'm forced to still love and miss you
There is still no words to describe it
Without you I'll always be incomplete


You were my only happiness,
My one and only highness
I kept my secrets with you,
Cause I know you were true

Darkness came into me,
For only you I can only be
But darkness turned into darkest,
Cause you left me and have eternal rest

My tears fell down,
My heart was drown
You left without a warning,
You vanished in just a fling

Your laughter and smile,
I can't search it in an isle
Your brown eyes and well-formed nose,
I love and misses those

I know you're still with me,
Your love's within my heart
Though life is no longer present,
Our souls will never part

I know its not the last,
For time is evenly fast
So long for now my happiness,
Until we meet again my highness

Now I understand, finely like sand
Why you'd left and chose HIS land
For now, in heaven I want to send


Everyday I'm waking up to find myself alone again,
To sing another painful song of joy,
Drifting through a day of lies,
Twisted words and painful sighs,
I keep myself locked away for good.

Every time I sing to you,
I always sing the wrong tune,
I wish that we could go back in time,

Happiness is what you were,
And I gave you my last curse,
You will never see the light again,

Can't we ever start again,
Back in time to where it began,
I dream of past every single day,

I don't know what I did to you,
But you broke my heart all the way through,
And yet you're still always by my side,

You thought that I would break your heart,
But I never ever looked apart,
Your eyes were always gleaming oh so bright,

And when the tears roll down my face,
Still I get a cold embrace,
Do you really love me at all.


hidup ni memang menyakitkan hati..asal aku x amti je ek.? baru x sakit yg aku sayang tinggalkan aku mcm 2 ja..hina sangat ka aku ni..aku taw la umo aku lagi muda dari dia..tapi knapa dia sanggup buat aku mcm ni..apa salah aku..AKU HARAP DAN BERDOA..,AGAR DIA AKN KEMBALI PADAKU PADA MASA AKN DATANG

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Thanks sbb sudi hadir dalam hidup saya..saya sayang awak minta maaf klu sy ada buat salah kat awak..tapi sy nk awak tahu ini..,sy sayangkan awak sepanjang hidup dy.,walaupun kita dh berpisah..,hati sy tetap milik awak..dan sy harap..,awak akn terima sy blik pada masa yg akn datang..,sy sayangkan awak slmanya..,dan klu sy sudah tiada..,sy harap awak akn jmpa org yg lebih baik dari sy..

Monday, April 11, 2011

Thinking Of You

The sun is setting on a lonely day
The colours are splitting, the perfect way
Your strolling home as you see this too
And I watch from a window thinking of you

From this day on, Ill look forever
That magical sunset, our memories together
To help me through when my life gets tough
And when I feel that Ive had enough

The sun you see, makes me think of you
The miracle of it, the wonder too
I see you both everyday as you know
To stop seeing either, Id have to say, no

The bright colours shine from within my heart
The colours of a sunset, a special part
Of a day in my life I wish you could see
Just whats its like, just to be me.

What You Are To Me

You're the sun that warms my face 
You're the winds that embrace 
You're the calmness the ocean sound brings 
You're the beauty of flowers in the spring 

You've given me hope when I didn't have any 
You've given me forgiveness that I didn't deserve 
You've given me more than I could ever ask for 
You've even given me love when I didn't love you in return 

You are my very best friend 
You are my soul mate to the end 
You are the love of my heart 
I know we will never part. 

So if you ever need me 
Know that I'll be there 
I want to love you the way you have loved me 
I want you to know how much I care 

No matter where I go or what I do 
I'll spend the rest of my life 
Showing how much I love you 

You Are On My Mind

It makes me happy just being by your side
All those feelings I just can't hide
You'll always be in my heart
Can't bear the pain when were apart

Nobody is as special as you are to me
Now I hope you are beginning to see
Just how much I care for you
And all my feelings will always be true

I can't describe how much I care
But when you need me, I will be there
To wipe those tears when you are sad
To make you happy when you are mad

All these things I really can do
Just remember I'm thinking of you
You are on my mind 24-7.

Your Smile

Unimaginable to queens and doves
I was caught between soft gasps of delight
and the privileged serenity
of taking in your smile

That solicitous smile 
delivered hope to my soul
when soft swept words carried
dusk into nocturnal magic

Then a trickle of light nestled your hair
and I waited for the wind
and tiny bells to ring 
the anticipating sound of surrender.

Days Without You

I miss you so much day and night
I can't realise why you're gone
I just think I treat you right
but now I'm again alone

The days without you are so long 
these days - without your kiss and smile
and I don't know what I've done wrong
I've been thinking of this for a while

A few questions that I need to know -
why does my heart feel so bad ?
why you could ever hurt me so ?
why can't I get you out of my head ?....

Now I'm standing here alone
with this weight upon my heart 
wondering why you're gone
remembering our feelings from the start

In my mind I have all my memories in a range - 
each moment spent with you 
is unforgettable
but I can't realise what made you change
for me this is just un-get-able

I know I won't pull trough without you by my side
so baby come to me - don't run and hide
The only thing I want is to be with you
please honey - make my wish come true

Don't you know that you make my days count?
And I'm always happy when you're around
it doesn't matter what we do
as long as I'm here with YOU

You Are My Life

You are the stars in my night time,
You are the blue sky in my day,
You are the water in my ocean,
You are the light showing me the way,
You are the sunshine in my eyes,
You are the wind blowing through my hair,
You are the beating in my heart,
You are my life - you're always there.

Monday, March 28, 2011

First Kiss

You leaned over and you kissed me
I felt my knees go weak
You leaned over and you kissed me
I couldn't even speak
You leaned over and you kissed me
With a passion flowing free
You leaned over and you kissed me
Sparks flew that we could see
You leaned over and you kissed me
A touch so soft and tender
You leaned over and you kissed me
A kiss I would remember
You leaned over and you kissed me
I'm sure I kissed you back
You leaned over and you kissed me
With the fire no kiss should lack
You leaned over and you kissed me
You left me wanting more
You leaned over and you kissed me
My soul you did explore
You leaned over and you kissed me
My heart no longer full of pain
You leaned over and you kissed me
Darling, kiss me once again

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I love you more than all the stars in the sky.
I love you more as each moment passes us by.
I love you more with every breath I take.
I love you more with each promise we make.
I need you like a flower needs the rain.
I need you for you can wash away my pain.
I need you more each day
I need you for you are so wonderful, in every single way.
I miss you more than ever now.
I miss you because I really need you somehow.
I miss you and your touch.
I miss you for to me, you mean so much.
I want you to caress my lips the way you always do.
I want you to look into my eyes and see my love for you.
I want you to hold me close to your heart.
I want you to know that I love you, need you, miss you, and want you
And I have for every single moment, right from the start.


A zest for life, a grace divine 
More intoxicating than wine. 
Carefree nature and wild, wild ways, 
You always make my mind sway! 

Bouncing black hair and coal- dark eyes, 
Remind me of monsoon skies, 
A spring in your step elevates my mood, 
Hey, nosey rain, do not intrude! 

As the wind caresses your lovely form, 
And the waves rush to feel your charm, 
What chance do I stand? 
Against nature's wicked game plan? 

There is no truth but love; 
Lovely as the blue skies above. 
There is no reality but bliss, 
So there! Let me taste your lips. 

Let me hold you in my arms, 
And protect you from all harm, 
Life is too cruel, my dear! 
But, I am here, do you hear? 

Spend an eternity with me, 
I shall never tire of you, 
Remind me when day breaks, 
For, yet again, I will want to hold you.

True Love

A gentle brush of his fingers threw my hair,
Sending shivers down my spine that I can't compare.
In the love I see in his eyes,
Is a love that equals mine.

He greets me with a smile that unforgettable,
And leaves me with a kiss that melts my heart.
If he were to ever leave me,
I couldn't imagine what I'd miss.

Maybe it's his touch,
Or the way that we kiss.
But whatever it is,
I'm head over heels, 
And only true loves can feel this.

You Are On My Mind

It makes me happy just being by your side
All those feelings I just can't hide
You'll always be in my heart
Can't bear the pain when were apart

Nobody is as special as you are to me
Now I hope you are beginning to see
Just how much I care for you
And all my feelings will always be true

I can't describe how much I care
But when you need me, I will be there
To wipe those tears when you are sad
To make you happy when you are mad

All these things I really can do
Just remember I'm thinking of you
You are on my mind 24-7.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Reasons I Love You

I love you because you make me happy
I love you because you make me feel safe and secure
I love your smile
I love the way you say my name
I love the look in your eyes when you tell me you love me
And how you laugh at me when I do something stupid, when others would put
me down.
I love the fact that when I'm around you I can be myself and not worry
about what you may think of me, because I know you love me for who I am.
No matter what my faults may be.
I love being able to wake up with you by my side... It makes my days
At night I love watching you sleep, hearing you take each breath, and
feeling your heart beat with the palm of my hand... reality hits that you
are not a dream YOU ARE MINE.
I love the way you wrap your arms around me and hold me really tight, like
there is no tomorrow
And I love the way I feel when your lips barely touch mine for a kiss, the
love and emotions that go through me at that moment are unexplainable.
I love your laugh
I love hearing your voice
I love that you get along with my family and friend, no matter how much
you dislike them, or who they are.
And hearing you tell me your stories, you could tell them to me a thousand
times, and I will never get tired of them, because they are a part of you.

But the main reason I love you is because.....

You are you!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I miss when you call me your baby all the time.
I miss when you hold me and hug me until I say I love you.
I miss your smile that I haven’t seen in a while.
I miss that dance we made up that day you told me about romance.
I miss everything that we did.
I miss you I felt like I committed a crime when I seen you die.
I feel like I was nothing compared to you because I wish it and you command it.
I miss when you said I’ll do anything for you and then you ask me do you love me,
Yes I do remember (Sept. 1st) the first day of of school everyone was
embarrass to see me with you.
I was sad I was mad but I didn’t want you to die.
I’m sorry the words I told you were a lie.
I miss when you say I love you.

Friday, February 11, 2011


I never feel alone when you are near.
Life is sunshine and roses because you are here.
I never feel sad and blue when I’m with you.
Because I found a love so beautiful and true.
I walk through life without a care.
I know that your love will always be there.
In this life I know no fear.
Because your love and God give me strength my dear.


You may be feeling sad and blue,
But I’ll always be there for you.
Whatever it is I will care,
Where ever it is when and where.
I shall help take away the tears,
And will help conker those tiny fears.
Friends are there to love and be kind,
So lets both leave the past behind.
I’m your friend and always will be,
Forever and always, there’s you and me.

You Were My Heart

You brought me hope, when I had none,
I thought you were my destiny, I thought you were the one.
And I don’t understand why we couldn’t be,
You seemed so perfect, you were everything to me.
You gave me love, when I had little,
I opened my heart to you, it was so brittle.
Each day thats passed, I’ve shed a tear,
I’m lost in love, without you here,
You were my heart, you will forever be,
Beautiful memories that will stay forever with me,
That day its coming, and I’m scared to cry,
I know I’ll be thinking of you, and once again ask why?’

Memories are Left

I want to be with you,
But you’re millions of miles away.
I wish you would call just to ask about my day.
It would make things so much better if I could hear your voice,
I guess I can’t complain too much, it just wasn’t your choice.
You were always there for me through both the good times and the bad.
You were always there to laugh with me, or to help me when I’m sad.
It’s not that I pity you,
But I’ll admit your life’s been tough,
I just wish that physically,
I could be there when things get rough.
Down at the mall even though we had no money,
Laughing at anything and everything, yet none of it was funny.
Driving around the block, or baking things all day,
We never really ran out of things to say.
You’re locked up only a few hours away now, but it seems so far.
I wish I could be down there, where you are.
Why do two best friends you’ll ever know,
Have to be split up, because one is forced to go?
Now that we’re so far apart,
I love you even more.
Maybe we both love too much,
But, hey, that’s what friends are for.
Each time they say your name,
A tear forms in my eye,
How can I be happy,
If all I seem to do is cry?
You weren’t supposed to leave me,
This has to be a dream.
I cant accept your absence,
And take goodbye for what it means.
You left me lost and broken,
I still can’t find my way.
Months have passed real slowly,
But it’s harder every day.
I will never forget you,
Though we are far apart,
I miss you so much baby,
And love you with all my heart.


Missing you,
The way you look me in the eyes,
The way you laugh, talk, smile
When I’m with you my heart pounds fast,
When we’re apart my heart rips in two,
All my life I never thought I’d feel this way,
Laying on my bed, all alone in the dark, crying
Missing you.
I hug my pillow believing that its you,
I know there is other people in the world,
But i don’t want them i want you and only you.
One tear strolls down my cheek then another then another,
I won’t stop this till you’re right here by my side,
missing your smile, missing the things you do,
I sit on my bed,
Missing you.
I need you! I want you! and I’ll feel this way until I have you!
You wipe away my tears,
You frighten away my fears.
My life is incomplete without you,
My heart is apart till I have you,
I pray, I wish, and dream till the day I’ll be with you until then I’ll be here,
Missing you.

The Love I Have For You.

When we are apart,
can love heal my lonely heart
when you are here,
All my fears seem to disappear,
I love you,I really do

Sleep is sweet,
when I'm dreaming of you
Time spent with you,
It makes all my dreams come true

This love I have for you,
streams deeper than the ocean sea
You would never know,
just how much you mean to me

When I am with you and when you are with me,
there's no other place I'd rather be
because this love I have for you
shall last for all eternity.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


You are the sun in my day, the wind in my sky, the waves in my ocean, and the beat in my heart. All my dreams came true the day that I met you. I Love You! You are the sunshine of my life! Thanks for brightening my world with the warmth of your Love... You are the fire that burns the passion within my soul. I love You with all my heart... I want to be your arms, I want to feel your touch, I want your lips on mine, I need you very much.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

What True Love Means

Girl: Slow down. I’m scared.
Guy: No this is fun.
Girl: No its not. Please, it’s too scary!
Guy: Then tell me you love me.
Girl: Fine, I love you. Slow down!
Guy: Now give me a BIG hug. (Girl hugs him)
Guy: Can u take my helmet off and put it on? It’s bugging me.
In the paper the next day: A motorcycle had crashed into a building because of break failure. Two people were on the motorcycle, but only one survived.
The truth was that halfway down the road, the guy realized that his breaks broke, but he didn't want to let the girl know.
Instead, he had her say she loved him, felt her hug one last time, then had her wear his helmet so she would live even though it meant he would die.

Three Words

There's so much I wanna say
Through words T tried to convey.
Bombastic words and colorful phrase
I tried to use, but all in vain.
Poems, lyrics, compositions too
I tried to write all that I feel.
But nothing beats these simple three words:
I Love You !


I sit here in the night
Staring into the heavens above.
Wondering if Im lucky enough
To be given your love.

Even though I met you 
Just a few days before.
I have learned so much of who you are
And thirst to learn even more.

I want to share my world with you,
All the smiles and all the tears.
I want to learn to trust again;
Something I havent done in years.

You are very special to me,
You have kindled something new.
I want to feel loved in my life,
I want to be with you.

Dreaming Of You.

When I close my eyes I dream of you.
Can't sleep at night 'cause I wanna be with you.
Don't want to live, don't want to cry
Without you by my side.

When I go to sleep at night
I ask God to make my days bright.
I know he will do it - I know it is true.
Because he knows I only want to be with you.

I hear your voice inside my head.
I can imagine us together again.
I know it will happen - I know it is true;
Because I asked God if I can be with you.

I see you and I together again;
Holding hands and feeling the pain.
What a beautiful feeling - I wish it were true. 
But I am only dreaming - dreaming of you.

Monday, January 31, 2011

To The One I Love

From the very day we met
It seems I never could forget.
The wonders of your loving heart
And the feeling I get that well never part.

I think about you all the time. 
And cant believe youre actually mine.
The love I have for you is real.
And as I say this I start to kneel.

I take your hand and squeeze it tight
And look into your loving eyes.
Now I have figured out 
That you, are my greatest prize.

I want to say I love you
But really don't know how
The only time I've felt this way
Is right here and now.

Now the time has come at last
I hope it doesn't go by too fast
You have filled the void in my heart
And I really don't know where to start.

I guess I'll just have to come out and say
That I love you more each night and day
You're love for me is all I need
And more than I can stand

I hope that you will take my hand 
As I slip on your finger, this little band
It has no beginning, and it has no end
Just like my love for you, my very best friend

Now I have to take a chance
And tell you after all this romance
I want you always by my side 
And so I ask you to be my bride.

My Love For U

My Love for you surpasses all the beauties of the world,
The rivers that run deep, deeper does my love run,
The clouds up in the sky, higher does my love rise,
The oceans and lands far and wide, farther does my love reach,
My love for you surpasses my own feelings,
Hurt I might be to see you walk away from me,
But the joys to see you happy, shall take it all away from me,
Cry as I might not to have you,
Harder shall I cry to see you hurt,
My love for you surpasses all of these,
My love for you surpasses me.

I Love U

I never really knew you
You were just another friend
But when I got to know you,
I let my heart unbend.
I couldn't help past memories
that would only make me cry
I had to forget my first love
and give love another try
So I've fallen in love with you
and I'll never let you go
I love you more than anyone
I just had to let you know
And if you ever wonder why
I don't know what I'll say
But I'll never stop loving you
each and every day
My feelings for you will never change
Just know my feelings are true
Just remember one thing
I Love You!

I miss U

I count the hours, 
I count the days.
How much I miss you, 
I count the ways.

I miss your voice,
I miss your touch.
And I miss the face,
That I love so much.

How to describe it, 
There is now way.
I walk around,
In a permanent daze.

I long to feel,
Your warm embrace.
And to see a smile,
Upon your face.

I will not sleep,
Won't close one eye.
Until you're home, 
Safe and alive.

While you're overseas,
And I'm safe at home.
I think of you out there,
In danger and alone.

This is the life you've chosen,
And I can't change your mind.
You've found your inner bravery,
And now I must find mine.

I miss you so much, 
To the moon and the stars.
And this feeling will go on,
Until you're safe in my arms.

First Love

For the first time I felt
this true love in my heart
it is buried so deep
and that I would always keep

All through the darkest night
you’re the brightest star in my sight
always been at my side
even in a grisly fright

You clothe me when I shiver
with your ever warm embrace
you’re the moon that lights my way
that makes me feel very gay

You wipe the tears on my cheeks
the tears of joy that I’ve seek
and it’s you, my love, my divine
That makes me shine so bright

You’re the sun in my sky
staring at me with all your might 
guiding me with your ever shining light 

For the first time in my life
I found my love and my life
without you I will cry
for you my love I will die!

Angel In The Night

You're my angel in the night 
you're everything i think of
everything i dream of.
Yours is the voice i hear when
The moon steals the day.  

Yours is the voice
i hear when the sun sneaks
in to warm me.
When my heart aches with lifes pains,
you are my angel.

I never expected someone like you.
Someone kind and loving as you.
You snuck into my life like a true
angel in the night.
Loving you is the only thing that
brought me this far.

Cuz' your my angel in the night.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

My First Love

I used to love a girl that is very nice to me..,she's perfect,she's kind and she's caring..,but i don't know why we were not meant to be together for ever..?? I felt so sad during the day she left me and for days i can't sleep thinking about her..,5 months has past and finally..,I've found this one girl that is different from other girls..,and i hope..,she will love me the way i am and i hope..,this relationship will last forever..


Friendship isn't always easily described. The Eskimos, they say, have a hundred different words for snow. Unfortunately, the English language isn't quite as innovative, though it has vast opportunities to differentiate meaning. Certainly, Love is one of those opportunities. And so, too, is Friendship.
Instead of different words, however, we're stuck with simple adjectives. Close friend. Best friend. Childhood friend. Intimate friend. Trusted friend. Beloved friend. But whether you use adjectives or different words, few could deny the nearly infinite meaning in such a simple word.
Friends are special people. We can't pick our family, and we're sorely limited in the number of them at any rate. Society and mores (and often our own conscience) dictate we select a single mate. But our friends can be as diverse and infinite as the adjectives we choose. Our friends, in a very real sense, reflect the choices we make in life.